About the Plan Review so Far

We  there. The Town of Oromocto Planning Advisory Committee reviewed the draft Municipal Plan have arrived. Town Council held the Hearing of Written Objections (Second Reading) to consider the proposed Municipal Plan on March 15, 2016, and then meet for Third Reading and approval on Thursday, March 17. No written objections were submitted and no citizens spoke at the Hearing. Council passed the new Municipal Plan on March 17 (all documents prepared over the course of the Plan Oromocto process, including the approved Municipal Plan, are available on our Project Documents page).

The Council-approved Municipal Plan is now being forwarded to the Provincial Minister of Environment and Local Government for final review and approval, after which the  Plan  will come into effect as Municipal By-law 510 replacing the 2006 Municipal Plan. The new Town of Oromocto Municipal Plan will provide the foundation for Oromocto’s Zoning Bylaw and will guide Oromocto’s Planning and Compliance Department staff in their work to encourage and direct development within the town.

Oromocto is a town committed to good community planning. The town was laid out according to a master plan prepared by famous Canadian planner Harold Spence-Sales in 1956. The town was created to complement CFB Gagetown, which was established as the largest military base in the Commonwealth at the time.

Like all planned communities, Oromocto has periodically renewed its planning framework. The Town adopted an official Municipal Plan under the New Brunswick Community Planning Act in 2006. Stantec Consulting of Fredericton  Trace Planning and Design of Moncton, have been reviewing the plan since late 2014.

Under their terms of reference the consulting team has worked with the Town of Oromocto’s staff, Planning Advisory Committee, and Council to conduct research, consult with the community, prepare a new plan, and carry it through the required process to gain approval from the Province of New Brunswick. The process began in November 2014. Over the past year considerable research was  completed by Stantec and Trace with input from Town representatives and community members. We summarized that research in our  Background Report, which provided the foundation for the Building Oromocto Workshop  on Thursday, May 14. At the Workshop Trace consultants facilitated a lively discussion of approaches to developing the Town for the future that resulted in a community development concept that has guided our preparation of the new plan document.

The proposed Municipal Plan was developed in consideration of this input. It includes summaries of the Town’s planning history and its present and future economy and geography. Most importantly is presents revised policies for development of the community. The policies are the core of the plan. They include many sound policies carried over from the 2006 Municipal Plan as well as updated and new policies that reflect the current vision for Oromocto’s future. Policies and other plan content have been reviewed through two public meetings, one of which took place before Town Council on February 10, 2016, as well as by the Town’s Planning Advisory Committee, whose members read and discussed the draft document during January 2016. As noted, the public was given a final opportunity to discuss the Plan on March 15 before its final approval by Town Council.

The Municipal Plan is a major document for the Town of Oromocto. As well as providing the framework for future development in the community, it sets out a variety of municipal intentions concerning potential future planning projects, infrastructure investments, and municipal practices. Stantec and our partners with Trace Planning and Design appreciate the opportunity we have had to work with the Town of Oromocto and the support we have received from citizens and stakeholders within the community.